NASCAR Code Replacement Rosters

This site is an automated Photomechanic code replacement generator for NASCAR -- Sprint Cup Series, Nationwide Series, and Camper World Truck Series. Please check your extraction files and codes for accuracy.

Select your program: Photomechanic/PicturePro       AutoHotKey       Typinator    Enter Deliminator:
Photomechanic codes have the deliminator entered within the program. However, if you are using Typinator to expand codes in Aperature, Lightroom, Photoshop or your favorite editing program to avoid conflicting codes it is recommended to use a deliminator code to prevent conflicting codes. The backslash character (\) is recommended as a default. For example, \s\ would expand to San Francisco 49ers and \s1\ would expand to San Francisco 49ers quarterback Troy Smith (1). Without a deliminator Typinator's default behavior (with the quick expansion option enabled) would be to expand at the typing of the letter 's'. Thus, if you wanted s1 or s11, without a delminator it would expand to San Francisco 49ers before you could finish typing the rest of the code. If you do not wish to use a deliminator code, then you will need to go to the Typinator Preferences menu and select the expansion tab and disable quick expansion.

Driver Prefix:

NASCAR Series:
Include car number codes? No #99  (99)

Short code / long name? YesNo
(i.e. use the code d24 instead of tpd24n for Sprint Cup Series driver Jeff Gordon (24)

Output style (only if short code / long name is selected) ? Standard Getty Images
Standard output (AP) looks like: Sprint Cup Series driver Tony Stewart (14)
Getty: Jeff Gordon, driver of the #24 Drive To End Hunger Chevrolet,

Include multiple tab codes (only if short code / long name is selected) ? YesNo
(i.e. the code d24 yields Sprint Cup Series driver Jeff Gordon (24), d24#2 yields driver Jeff Gordon (24) and the code d24#3 gives you Jeff Gordon)

Flag Duplicate Numbers? YesNo
This will flag all drivers with the same number and require you to select the appropriate driver.

Include useful NASCAR codes? YesNo
(i.e. sic = sits in his car, sihc = sits in her car, etc.)

Include bracketed keywords? No Yes [last, first], Yes [first last]
Selecting this option will include codes for bracketed keywords for the various players. For example, if the [last, first], option is selected, in addition to the normal code for a player (i.e. d8 for Sprint Cup Series driver Jeff Gordon (24)) ) a keyword code (i.e. dk24 for [Gordon, Jeff],) will also be created. Note: there is a comma appeneded to the "[last, first]," option

Review/Edit Before Creating File? Yes No
Selecting this option will provide a page where you review and edit the roster for accuracy.